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Friday, November 17, 2017

Upcoming New Content on the Blog

Greetings Reader,

We would like to inform you of upcoming new content to the blog! We have been posting sporadically, but plan to have weekly content for you in the future. Posts will cover a host of topics relating to conducting research online. We will aim to provide content that can be useful to both novice and more experienced readers. Content will explain features of MTurk and TurkPrime, as well as Prime Panels, that people may want to better understand. Posts may also often have suggestions for best practices based on our knowledge of how to get the most out of online research on MTurk and beyond. We will also discuss hot topic issues as they arise, and are additionally happy to take some requests from readers for future posts as well.

The TurkPrime Team hopes that you will find these blogs informative. We are committed to providing information to our users that can enhance their use of TurkPrime, and their knowledge of issues in online research.