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Friday, December 8, 2017

TurkPrime Optimization

TurkPrime has been Optimized for Speed and Performance

Over the past few weeks, we have applied significant resources to improving the user experience for the research community and Turk and Prime Panel workers who use our site. Many of the operations and web pages now have increased speed and security so that creating, editing and launching studies are more than 10 times faster than they were previously. In addition, the dashboard where researchers can view their studies has been optimized and now loads and updates very quickly.

We are continuing to improve responsiveness in the system and customer support. Even more exciting, we are rolling out new features which will further create a more enhanced researcher and worker experience.

As always, our development is guided by our users in the research and worker communities; we at TurkPrime value your feedback and would love to hear from you how we can improve our services, which features you need and anything else that we can be of service to you via our Suggestion Box

Thanks for using TurkPrime!