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How to run successful experiments and get the most out of Amazon's Mechanical Turk

About us is designed to manage Mechanical Turk studies for researchers in social science fields including psychology, sociology, political science and marketing. MTurk Requesters can access our complete suite of tools to customize studies, target and exclude Workers, and other critical features to get the most out of Amazon Mechanical Turk. We also provide a consulting service to run and manage studies, including the acquisition of panels of MTurk Workers.

TurkPrime Features  

  • Run HITs and exclude specific Workers 
  • Launch studies to targeted Workers 
  • Modify, Pause and Continue studies  
  • Auto­approve Worker assignments  
  • Complete studies faster 
  • Acquire more Workers for large studies 
  • Invite Workers to take studies  
  • Manage bulk operations, including bonuses 
  • Information on the honesty of Workers 
  • View the drop­out rate of all your studies

TurkPrime Labs Features  

  • Access our custom panels,  such as men over 40, samples proportionally matched to Census data, and samples with specific health backgrounds.  
  • Run your studies with no hassle even if you do not have an MTurk account 
  • Benefit from our established relationship with Workers and years of MTurk experience 
  • Use our experts to help you design, manage and analyze your studies

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