Paying Workers Who Could Not Submit an Assignment

Posted by TurkPrime on May 11, 2016 2:22:00 PM

On occasion a worker may have completed a study but was unable to successfully submit the assignment  for a variety of reasons (timeout, system hiccup, computer shutdown). In such cases researchers are encouraged to follow up with the workers and open a special HIT specifically for them.

This HIT would not have any real linked study since the workers already completed the is just a method to compensate the workers for the work done. You can create this study by going to the "Design Survey" page and putting in a title ( e.g. "Compesation HIT" ), some dummy url (e.g. in the URL field, and paste the Workers you want to include in the "Include Workers with These WorkerIds". You should then Launch the HIT and send a link to the new HIT ("MTurk Preview" link ) in an email to all the Workers saying that they should just accept the new HIT and just submit it to get pad.

Sadly, Amazon Mechanical Turk does not provide a mechanism to pay workers who were unable to submit their assignments.  

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